Sunday, 9 February 2014

North West Stages 2014 - Paul Bird Wins Again.

 Well it was a Wet and Windy North West Stages 2014 event held in Fleetwood and Blackpool, Lancashire. With the event hosting a list with over 100 entrants, the residents of Blackpool was in for weekend full of Motorsport action.

 Returning to the event was Paul Bird in his immaculately turned out Ford Focus WRC Rally car. Paul Won the event in 2013 by quite a large margin over other favourites like Tony Bardy in his Nissan GTiR and Kevin Proctor in the Subaru Imprezza WRC.

 Paul was quick from the start and was seriously displaying driving skills which was smooth and taking corners as if the car was on rails.

Paul Giving the thumbs up after Fleetwood Dock stage, looking confident to retain his title.
 It was on Day two when it was unfortunate that chasing Tony Bardy crashed out on the Fleetwood Promenade stage causing unrepairable damage to his car and causing him to retire.

 Nothing was stopping Paul Bird, it seemed the Focus was getting quicker and quicker and pulling away from the opposition.

It seemed John Stone in his Skoda Fabia WRC had developed Engine problems with his car and now the only chasing car was Simpson Motorsports Skoda Fabia WRC, which was a distant 5 minutes behind him.

 Paul Bird was  confirmed Champion of the North West Stages 2014 event, sponsored by Legend Fires at the Norbreck Castle Hotel Rally Village which had been prepared by Darren Fox Motorsport. Paul Had completed the stages 5 minutes and 8 seconds faster than Simpson Motorsports and celebrated in style spraying the champagne.

 Congratulations Paul on a fantastic Win.
 All Photos by Pauls Imaging and subject to copyright.

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